For One Cup of Coffee a Day…

You can change the life of one child.  Her name is Mariam.

Precious Mariam is nearly 5.  She lives with her large family in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world, and one with high risk for child rights violations.

Would you consider sponsoring Marian through Compassion International?  Your small monthly gift will allow the staff of EAC Centrale Nouna Child Development Center to provide Mariam with Bible teaching, health education, medical checkups, nutritious food, games, group activities, and choir.  I’m participating in the “Speak Up for One Child” campaign with Compassion, where I’ve been uniquely assigned with the task of finding a sponsor for Mariam, and I need your help!

It’s a mere $38 a month to sponsor Mariam, and to make a lasting impact in her life.  If you have questions, check out Compassion Speak Up or send me an email at!

I understand if you think this sounds nice, but wonder about the effectiveness of the various international charitable and sponsorship organizations.  You might be thinking, do they really work?

Last year, Christianity Today reported on a University of San Francisco study that demonstrated the effectiveness of Compassion International’s child sponsorship programs.  It’s a fascinating article, and I recommend you read it here: “Want to Change the World? Sponsor a Child.”  What is interesting is that, Compassion was the only organization that was even willing to take part in this study – the first of it’s kind – and submit their programs to scrutiny.

After first examining the data, Bruce Wydick, a professor of economics and international studies, and the project’s director, wrote:

“We tried slicing the data different ways, but each showed significant educational improvements. You could beat this data senseless, and it was incapable of showing anything other than extremely large and statistically significant impacts on educational outcomes for sponsored children.”

But it’s not just the nutritional and educational programs that make the difference.  Wydick’s first conversation with Compassion’s recently retired CEO, Wess Stafford, after publishing the data, gets to the heart of what makes child sponsorship special.

“Your program works,” I said.

“I know,” he smiled.

“But I am analyzing this data as a dispassionate scientist, not as an advocate of Compassion like yourself,” I replied. “We’re not just finding positive correlations, but substantial causal effects from the program—in every country—especially Africa. I’m wondering what is happening here. You’re a former academic. I think there is something deeper going on in the program that would interest the greater development community. I need some leads.”

“Try hope,” he said.

Hope makes life worth living – no matter what you’re circumstances.  I’ve had the joy and honor of sponsoring Carlos from San Salvador, El Salvador and Purity from Meru, Kenya for 7, and 4 years, respectively. They are precious!  In his recently letter to me, Carlos shared with me his hopes, and what he’s been learning thanks to the program he is part of through Compassion:

“I want to tell you about my hope for the future.  In the future, I want to be a graphic designer specialist; I also want to play the guitar…I want to tell you that at the project, I learned a lot about the 10 commandments and how important they are for my life and to receive salvation.  I am very thankful with all your help and support and I thank you for the letter you sent me; I treasure it very much.”

Will you give hope to a little child such as Mariam?  Let me know!








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