Looking for the Fireweed of life

Sometimes fires are fast and quick, the damage can be minimized. Other times the fire is all-consuming, destroying everything in its wake.

How to go on?

Fireweed in Glacier National Park

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  • Glimmers of Good

    Glimmers are the opposite of a trigger. It’s when you experience something that is peaceful and calming and good, so that the body experiences joy and safety.


  • God Knows What We Need

    My Hunter dog is 8 today. Dogs are just the best. They are goofy and happy and just glad to always be with you. I am grateful every single day for Hunter – and miss his brother, my dear Scout, just about every single day too. It’s important to me to celebrate Hunter’s birthday –…


  • The Music of Spring

    There are some days that play their painful memories like a dirge. Thank God for the music of spring to lift the soul and spark hope. Check out my poem, The Music of Spring


  • Forsaking Perfectionism: The Living Water of God’s Love

    Water. So ordinary yet capable of so much meaning. And some nights, you feel it deep in your soul. There’s a little spring that’s sometimes dry, at the base of a small valley on the trail I frequent. Tonight it’s gushing, and I’m not sure why because we haven’t had much rain lately, but it…


About Me

Hi, I’m Bethany, Writer and nature lover

I write about hope and faith in the midst of trauma and share my healing journey from God through nature.

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  • New Year, New Mercies Each Day

    2023 – a new year. Each day is a gift, and we get to start a new year. Thank you, God. I’ve thankfully been able to avoid some of the typical January, post-holiday blues because of some nice weather – I was able to visit three of my favorite spots after Christmas! After not being…


  • God is Not Santa Claus

    God’s love is not like Santa Claus – the love of God for his children is gentle and forgiving.


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