Looking for the Fireweed of life

Sometimes fires are fast and quick, the damage can be minimized. Other times the fire is all-consuming, destroying everything in its wake.

How to go on?

Fireweed in Glacier National Park

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  • New Year, New Mercies Each Day

    2023 – a new year. Each day is a gift, and we get to start a new year. Thank you, God. I’ve thankfully been able to avoid some of the typical January, post-holiday blues because of some nice weather – I was able to visit three of my favorite spots after Christmas! After not being […]


  • God is Not Santa Claus

    God’s love is not like Santa Claus – the love of God for his children is gentle and forgiving.


  • Remembering

    We are fickle creatures, us humans. I know for myself, I am often painfully aware that I forget – how God has worked and provided and delivered. A fall and a fracture right before Thanksgiving leaves me forgetful of all the miracles the Lord has done in my life, even in just the past 6 […]


  • Love for the Fall Leaves

    The fall leaves are beginning their descent. Their colors have brought me such joy this fall. As they make their way to the forest floor, crunching beneath my feet, there is sadness and expectation. Sadly, their glorious fall colors are short-lived (although doesn’t that make their beauty all the more poignant?). Yet this rhythm is […]


About Me

Hi, I’m Bethany, Writer and nature lover

I write about hope and faith in the midst of trauma and share my healing journey from God through nature.


  • Autumn Sunshine

    October opened with five straight days of rain. Hurricane Ian brought the clouds to the Mid-Atlantic on Friday, September 30th and the sunshine didn’t return in Maryland until October 6th. It’s also a transitional month within the year, a significant-and historically hard-month for me. I also turn a year older at the end of it, […]


  • Goodbye, September and Farewell Instagram, for Now

    September is turning golden. I took a late afternoon hike last Saturday, when the trails were abandoned and the sun was beginning to set. The lowering light beams lit up a field of grass seed—I was so glad I had my camera to capture some of the beauty, and that there was no one else […]