Looking for the Fireweed of life

Sometimes fires are fast and quick, the damage can be minimized. Other times the fire is all-consuming, destroying everything in its wake.

How to go on?

Fireweed in Glacier National Park

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  • Wildflowers and Grace in the Wilderness

    Absolutely gorgeous fall day to celebrate the gift of life! And oh I am today, as I turn 38 🙌🏻. God gave me an amazing sunset last night—a perfect reflection (in more ways than one) moment to bask in beauty and soak up gratitude for His sweet love for me. 37 was a good year—newness…


  • Hugged by Gilded Hands: The Death of a Tree

    Only youtruly know the heaviness you’ve carried,of something decayingthe weight of burdens on your being,every part of you,just waitingto break. Then the crashing,falling,of the limbs that were never yours to carry,a force that can destroy.And when this tree was struck,by bolts of lightning, surely,where were the witnesses?Or perhaps, it was the wind.Not the sweet gentle breeze…


  • Surviving the Strenuous Times

    I tied my laces, adjusted the straps of my backpack, and breathed in and out, as deep as I could. The Appalachian Trail through the Great Smoky Mountains lay ahead – and as my sister and I started our hike, those little electric bolts of fear darted through me. My body was not feeling as…


  • Glimmers of Good

    Glimmers are the opposite of a trigger. It’s when you experience something that is peaceful and calming and good, so that the body experiences joy and safety.


About Me

Hi, I’m Bethany, Writer and nature lover

I write about hope and faith in the midst of trauma and share my healing journey from God through nature.

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  • God Knows What We Need

    My Hunter dog is 8 today. Dogs are just the best. They are goofy and happy and just glad to always be with you. I am grateful every single day for Hunter – and miss his brother, my dear Scout, just about every single day too. It’s important to me to celebrate Hunter’s birthday –…


  • The Music of Spring

    There are some days that play their painful memories like a dirge. Thank God for the music of spring to lift the soul and spark hope. Check out my poem, The Music of Spring


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