Woman's Best Friend(s)

Not diamonds. Dogs.

Although if anyone’s passing out free diamonds, I wouldn’t turn them down!

In honor of National Dog Day, here are some adorable pics of my dogs!

Waiting patiently for a treat.

Yes, I take selfies with these cuties…

I call this their hieroglyphic pose.

Panting after a long run!

Benefits of Having Dogs, in Particular, Two German Shorthaired Pointers (an incomplete list):

  • Having a cuddle session multiple times a day (seriously, I’ve never known such cuddly dogs…they are lapdogs inside of a muscular, athletic 60+ pound pointer).
  • Getting to know the neighbors when they escape and I’m chasing them across town.
  • Per the above, getting some much needed exercise in.
  • Having two little buddies follow you around everywhere (which can also become problematic when you need to use the restroom).
  • And the list could go on…

In all seriousness, after nearly a year with these two fur-balls, I truly believe that the sweet relationship between humans and their dogs is a blessing from God!

Basically, dogs are the best. Happy National Dog Day. Go hug your dog (or go adopt one!).

How could you resist this face?

They LOVE the water…

And they love to run!