Woman's Best Friend(s)

Not diamonds. Dogs.

Although if anyone’s passing out free diamonds, I wouldn’t turn them down!

In honor of National Dog Day, here are some adorable pics of my dogs!

I call this their hieroglyphic pose.

Panting after a long run!

Benefits of Having Dogs, in Particular, Two German Shorthaired Pointers (an incomplete list):

  • Having a cuddle session multiple times a day (seriously, I’ve never known such cuddly dogs…they are lapdogs inside of a muscular, athletic 60+ pound pointer).
  • Getting to know the neighbors when they escape and I’m chasing them across town.
  • Per the above, getting some much needed exercise in.
  • Having two little buddies follow you around everywhere (which can also become problematic when you need to use the restroom).
  • And the list could go on…

In all seriousness, after nearly a year with these two fur-balls, I truly believe that the sweet relationship between humans and their dogs is a blessing from God!

Basically, dogs are the best. Happy National Dog Day. Go hug your dog (or go adopt one!).

They LOVE the water…

And they love to run!

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