Spring is Coming

March. Day one of a new month. When the calendar transitions from winter to spring, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Last year, on March 1, it was a surprise snow day!

H & S love the snow!

No snow today, or even much at all this year…yet I have felt the weight of this winter season.

It’s been a long, dark winter.

Today, the sun shines but the bitter cold still bites

The days are getting longer but frigid gales still blow

The defrosting begins but a snow storm could threaten.

This season, this weather

It mirrors the winter of my soul

How do I survive?

How do I go on?

With patience


With hope that anchors the soul.

Spring will come again.

Birds will start to sing.

Buds will begin to bloom.

Bulbs buried deep in the earth will reappear.

Color and newness will emerge.

Life will begin again.

I feel the longing for spring, for newness, for the resurrection of creation deep in my soul. And yet it’s simply a reflection of the ultimate Resurrection – of Christ conquering death and the regeneration He offers all of us. May our yearning for spring point us to Him.

Tulip bulbs, the Keukenhoff, The Netherlands, 2018

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