The Gift of Scout

Sad news friends, and anyone who has enjoyed pics/videos of my adventuresome and handsome dogs…

My sweet Scout has died. I am heartbroken.

It was all very sudden and unexpected a few weeks ago—he would have only been 7 in August.

He went from a seemingly healthy dog, hiking on a Saturday afternoon, to breathing problems, and then multiple Animal ER visits. It was a horrible and heart-wrenching few days.

Essentially, he died of an enlarged heart. The symbolism has not been lost on me. This dog loved me so much, took on my own heartache, and gave so much to me. Scout had the sweetest heart—he was truly a gift from God.

I do not know how I would have survived a lot of hard things without my dogs, which makes the loss feel even more acute. Scout in particular was keenly in tune with me. Every time I would cry, he sensed it—he would find his way to me, give me a dog-kiss, and cuddle up with me. He was an athletic, energetic, joyful dog who thought he was a lapdog. He was incredibly affectionate and very smart. He loved everyone he met.

Incredibly, in his last few weeks, we had managed to go to all of our favorite local spots. He swam, he climbed rocks, he hiked, he waded in creeks. I had even recently taken him out on several solo hikes bc he was such a perfect hiking companion—I will cherish those memories so much.

He was the best dog a girl could ask for.

With Scout it’s not just the memories I’m thankful for—though so many of them are sweet. No, it’s the gratitude for him and his brother Hunter helping me—to smile and keep going.

It’s been a few weeks now and we still are in shock. Hunter is doing okay, but is a little subdued from losing his brother and litter-mate of almost 7 years. They were the best of buds and their playtime and antics always, always brought me joy. And their sweetness and affection for each other always warmed my heart.

I don’t understand why Scout’s time was cut so short, and we are grieving the loss. But I do know that he was given to me as a life-saving blessing. I will always miss him and for ever be grateful for the heart full of love that he gave me.

These pictures are all from his final month—I’m so glad I let him lick my ice cream cone. I am so glad we took an Easter picture. I am so glad we hiked, and swam, and enjoyed the spring. He was so sweet and happy. And so brave through every last horrible moment til the end.

I know there are so many larger tragedies and suffering out there. Yet the story of Scout is not one of “just a dog.” It’s about how God provides grace in our darkest hours.

This world is so hard with evil and suffering and brokenness, and yet there is still good. There are dogs like Scout, there are flowers, and there is God’s peace and presence when all else fails.

I will forever be grateful for my Scout and all his love and joy ❤️🙏🏼

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