One Cupcake to Rule them All

My lovely sister is returning to the District and told me that she really wanted a cupcake this weekend. I had to laugh, because I thought – I think that every day!

I assured her we’d make this happen and then began thinking about which bakery we’d go to…there’s many to choose from in the Nation’s Capital!

I couldn’t come up with a firm decision, and that’s when the thought struck – why not go to Every.Single.One.

Amazingly, within 90 minutes on a rainy day in DC, we gathered our bounty. Moving swiftly, we then displayed each cupcake for a feast of the eyes:

After a sliver of almost every one (I swear, only a sliver!), here is the order of our favorites:

Tied for 1st – Sprinkles and Baked and Wired
3 – Georgetown Cupcakes
4- Hello Cupcake
5 – Red Velvet
6 – Crumbs

I had 2 favorites  – a spice cake with espresso icing from Baked and Wired, and this glorious delight – peanut butter chocolate chip with peanut butter icing and chocolate sprinkles, from Sprinkles.  One word – Divine.

Now for this week, I will need to do 10 hours of yoga, a full day of spinning, and how many crunches to burn all this goodness off…????

At least we only ate salad for lunch and dinner!

Okay, hopefully you’re not ready to run out the door to the nearest cup cakery, or start baking yourself, but I’m sure you’re probably thinking…if I were stranded on a deserted island, which cupcake could I live off of forever…?

For me, now I know!

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