The Colors of Fall

How many colors belong in the palette for fall foliage?

This past weekend, as I drove back to D.C. from a beautiful wedding of dear friends in Buffalo, New York, that was the question on my mind.  For about 5 hours I drove through the Allegheny Mountains in PA and the colors were G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.  And it was such a pleasant surprise, for all the time I’ve spent in my beloved Pennsylvania (including lots of hours of driving) I was not familiar with this drive so it was fun to see some new sights!

I found an absolutely quaint and picture perfect roadside stop where I picked up some pumpkins. It was soooooooo beautiful. That’s probably annoying and obnoxious to read, huh? I mean, really how many “o”s do I need? Well, try spending anytime in nature with me…every single o is needed for emphasis!

The best part, though? 2 large pumpkins, 3 small pumpkins, 5 gourds, and 3 ears of fall corn…all for $17!

So I was just going to post 1 picture, but the colors are just too vibrant and gorgeous not too share!

Have a wonderful fall!

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