Den Haag

I knew very little about The Hague (or Den Haag in Dutch) until just a few months ago. I may have even just thought it was a building and not a city…!

Enter my amazing sister Michelle, who is a super smart DNA scientist. In late June, she accepted a job with the International Commission on Missing Persons, located in The Hague, Netherlands, with a start date in mid-August.

I graciously offered to travel with her to help her move, and navigate a new city. I’m such a good sister to sacrifice a trip to Europe, am I not?

We quickly fell in love with this beautiful country. The Hague, in particular, is a fascinating international city, with much history, culture, and beauty.

There are gorgeous flowers everywhere, and it wasn’t even the famous tulip season in Holland! As I struggle to keep my flower baskets alive back home, everywhere we turned in The Hague, or other cities we traveled to, we were greeted with vibrant, cascading flowers.




One fascinating aspect of life in the Netherlands – one of the flattest countries in the world – is the Dutch affinity for biking. As a pedestrian, you’re more likely to get hit by a bike than a car!

With their highly developed bike path system – in the cities and countryside – it’s quite easy to explore, and great exercise!

The best part about having a family member who lives in such an interesting place, is that I have a perfect excuse to go back. Stay tuned for more pictures and adventures!

p.s. WOW Airlines just announced today new (cheap!) flights to Amsterdam and other destinations!

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